'Let's Celebrate Britain' Summer Event 2012

What a fantastic time we all had on Saturday 30th June at our Summer Event!
As you will see from the photos, the weather was not as kind as it could have been - we dodged showers, some heavier than others. However, the sun did keep popping out to dry us a little!
Well done to everyone involved with the Event - you all worked SO hard!
.. and a huge thank you to all who came and supported the day - especially those who arrive during our 25 minute downpour! Now THAT is dedication!
We will wait to see whether our hilarious Guiness World Record attempt was successful - we had a fun time trying though! Standing in a field, in the rain, waving flags and singing God Save The Queen - could we have got any more British than that? I don't think so!

1 comment:

  1. It was a really fun day, yes a little wet, but it was meant to be a celebration of everything British so the rain, I suppose, had to show, but then so did the sun. Some Wonderful photos B. Thanks to everyone who arranged and ran things. GodBless, J.